The P-SERIES is currently widest series of containers in DP SHARPS® range and most flexible one. It consists of 8 different sizes of containers: 0.8 lt, 1 lt, 1.5 lt, 2 lt, 2.5 lt, 3 lt, 5 lt and 6 lt XL version which is intended for specifically long objects up to 40 cm. Shape is mutual for complete range in form of round bottom and squared top. Very stable, with wide apperture and different indents for needles, diposal of any sharp and cutting objects is maximally eased. Flaps ensure no waste outflow can happen. In case of disposing larger objects, security flaps can be easily broken. Once container is full according to visible filling line, it can be sealed temporary and thanks to handle carried on to treatment location.

0,8 lt - P SERIES
1 lt - P SERIES
1,5 lt - P SERIES
2 lt - P SERIES
2,5 lt - P SERIES
3 lt - P SERIES
5 lt - P SERIES
6 lt XL - P SERIES