The MINI-SERIES containers are puncture resistant and used for carrying and disposing needles, syringes and other sharp and cutting objects. They are designed in such way to provide an easy and safe work practise. Range consists of round-shaped containers in 3 different sizes: 0.5 lt, 0.6 lt and 0.7 lt. They are equipped with an insulin pen disconnection device, needles and luer locks removal system. Security flap prevents waste from outflow, but can also be broken down if nedeed to dispose of larger objects. Temporary and permanent sealing option ensures safety during complete usage. Fill line indicates when the container is full, once it is closed permanently, it can not be opened again. Use the handle to transport the container to its treatment location, where can be fully autoclaved or incinerated. Table stabilizator is available as an additional option in order to secure it from being overturned by accident or to ensure waste diposal with only one hand.

0,5 lt - MINI SERIES
0,6 lt - MINI SERIES
0,7 lt - MINI SERIES